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  • Alcohol lamp for use with denatured alcohol

    1. The ideal heat source for hot-sculpting
    2. Extra thick, long lasting wick provides a large flame
    3. Snuffer cap to safely extinguish flame
    1. 1/4" aperture
    2. 1/3" wick (same wick in both lamps)
    3. Snuffer cap
    4. Fill with denatured alcohol only

Product Type: Tools

A clean flame for hot-sculpting



Cx5 and Cx5s are temperature sensitive materials that behave like clay when they are warm. An alcohol lamp is an indispensable tool for applying direct heat to any Cx5 or Cx5s sculpture. Once you have begun to rough out your sculpture, heat sections of it over an alcohol lamp to continue to add material. Heat ensures good cohesion between cool material and warm material. Heat your traditional metal tools over the lamp and use them on your sculpture. 


An amazing technique for unifying the surface of your Cx5 or Cx5s sculpture is hot-sanding with a 3M sanding sponge heated over an alcohol lamp. Hot-sanding techniques are used for knocking down large areas of rough sculpture and also for smoothing in fine details.

The best wick

This wick is extra thick with an internal core to give you a bigger, brighter flame than most alcohol lamps. A bigger, more durable wick means the flame itself is larger and outputs more heat. This is the perfect lamp for heating areas of your Cx5 or Cx5s sculpture quickly and evenly.

Denatured alcohol

Use only denatured alcohol in your alcohol lamp. It is the only fuel that burns without soot. If you use other fuel, you will get soot on your sculpture and your tools. 


Use the snuffer cap to put out the flame whenever it is not in use. Always have a fire extinguisher close by when working with open flames.

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