Beane Detailing Tip

Kerr Corporation

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  • The ultimate tip for sculpting detail

    1. Precision angles and surfaces
    2. An ABI exclusive
    3. For the Kerr Ultra Waxer
    1. Heavily modified 1/2 Hollenback tip
    2. Fits every Kerr Ultra Waxer

Product Type: Tools

The precision tip for hot-sculpting


Hot sculpting

Once you have your Cx5 sculpture roughed out, you will want to refine the shapes and add detail. The Kerr Ultra Waxer is the best tool for working in Cx5 and provides instant, accurate heat through cast metal tips. Vary your waxer temperatures and use the Beane Detailing tip to sculpt features and fine details.


The right angles and surfaces for intricate work

The Beane Detailing tip is a heavily modified 1/2 Hollenback tip with the same precision angles, points and surfaces that Adam has been using for years to create incredibly detailed work. Now an Adam Beane Industries exclusive, each Beane Detailing tip is modified to Adam's specifications to re-create these points and angles and bring you the ultimate tool for detail sculpting.


Ideal uses

This tip is designed to be the best possible tool for sculpting intricate details and is especially valuable when doing portrait work, finish work, or any small scale work where getting into tight spaces is key. Its shapes and angles were created to excel at:

  • Eyes
  • Mouths
  • Ears
  • Hair
  • Fingers and toes
  • Armor and mechanical detail
  • Clothing



  • Laying down thin lines
  • Moving and placing material (for working additively and subtractively at the same time)
  • Stitching two pieces together
  • Cutting fine lines into a piece
  • Making precise holes
  • Adding tiny droplets
  • Making crisp edges

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