Figure Blanks - 1/8th scale

Adam Beane Industries, Inc.

Shipping Information

  • Poseable roughs made of Cx5s

    1. Solid casting in Cx5s
    2. Approximate dimensions: 9"x4.75"x1.5"
    3. Includes an additional 1/4lb of Cx5s
    4. Original sculpted by Adam Beane
    5. Non-toxic
    6. Manufactured in the USA
    1. Material Density: ____
    2. Temperature for Sculpting: 125F (52C)
    3. Temperature for Casting: 155F (68C)

Product Type: Figure Blanks

Start not from scratch


Begin with Figure Blanks

Figure Blanks give you the unique opportunity to start your 1/8th scale sculpture from a rough that already has accurate anatomy, ideal proportions, and a neutral pose. This female figure was sculpted by Adam Beane, master sculptor, and gives you the perfect starting point to reposition the figure and begin sculpting clothing, features, and details. 

Figure Blanks are solid - sculpt with freedom from armatures


Figure Blanks come with extra Cx5s

Figure Blanks are cast in solid Cx5s, so they can be completely repositioned and resculpted. Cx5s is a temperature sensitive material that behaves like clay, wax, plastic, and even paint at different temperatures. Figure Blanks are self supporting and have no internal armatures. They also come with a 1/4lb of Cx5s, so you can build onto your figure as you begin sculpting.


How to reposition Figure Blanks

Because Figure Blanks are solid sculptures in Cx5s you can warm them up in multiple ways.

  1. To warm the entire figure to a poseable temperature, all you need is warm water. Fill a vessel with hot tap water and bring the water's temperature down to 120°F, then soak your figure for approximately five minutes. The warm water will heat the Figure Blank all the way through, and you will be able to reposition it as though it had just been sculpted.
  2. To adjust one small part of the figure you can spot heat it. Take a cold Figure Blank and use an alcohol lamp (using denatured alcohol only) to apply heat to a small area, like an elbow or knee, and then bend only that joint. Use patience to allow heat to penetrate the sculpture, without melting the surface, before repositioning.
  3. Use any and all hot-sculpting techniques (including cutting apart) to adjust your sculpture's pose and sculpt onto it with warm Cx5s.

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