Kerr Ultra Waxer 2 with Exclusive Sculpting Tips

Kerr Corporation

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  • The ultimate tool for hot-sculpting

    1. Sculpt with heat using the best tool in the industry
    2. Precision sculpting tips designed for Cx5
    3. Dual handles and dual temp settings
    1. 1 Beane Detailing tip (ABI exclusive)
    2. 1 Small Denture tip
    3. 2 Ultra Spatulas (a.k.a handles)
    4. USA and EU plugs
    5. 120/240 Volts AC
    6. Instruction manual included

Product Type: Tools


Adam Beane Industries is the only place to get the Kerr Ultra Waxer 2 with the RIGHT tips for sculpting

Hot sculpting

Once you have your Cx5 sculpture roughed out, you will want to refine the shapes and add detail. This waxer is the best tool for working in Cx5 and provides instant, accurate heat through cast metal tips. Turn the temperature up high on a large tip to melt and move large amounts of material quickly, switch to a smaller tip and turn the temperature down to sculpt fine details.


The best waxer for hot-sculpting, and the only tips you'll need


Precision sculpting tips

This waxer normally comes with two tips that are are standard for the dental industry, but are not useful for sculpting (as they cannot move material or really do anything other than make small holes). We have replaced these tips with the two that Adam uses to sculpt all of his pieces: the Small Denture tip and the Beane Detailing tip. The Small Denture tip is a spatula shape that lifts and places material accurately, as well as being able to carve and smooth large areas. The Beane Detailing tip is a heavily modified 1/2 Hollenback tip with the same precision angles, points and surfaces that Adam has been using for years to create incredibly detailed work. Now an Adam Beane Industries exclusive, each Beane Detailing tip is modified to Adam's specifications to re-create these points and angles and bring you the ultimate tool for detail sculpting.


The highest quality

The Kerr Ultra Waxer 2 delivers the most power and precision of any waxer on the market. Each tip houses a large heating cartridge which maintains steady temperatures, even when working through large amounts of cold material. Waxers with smaller heating cartridges may initially reach similar temperatures, but a cold sculpture can wick their heat away instantly and stop them in their tracks. The Kerr's foam Cool Grip is separated from the heating cartridge to keep your fingers comfortable even at high temperatures, and provides a channel to collect any dripped material. With two spatulas (a.k.a. handles) you can set up both tips with different temperatures and switch between them with no need to stop and change tips. Fine temperature controls, programmable quick heat and preset options, and an LED readout will help keep your workflow fast and easy.


A word about other waxers

Every other waxer on the market uses just one small heating cartridge in the handle, over which you have to slip the various metal tips. Once you've used a tip to sculpt with, it will become fused to the heating cartridge if you let it cool down. To change tips you must use pliers when the unit is hot. This risks damaging the heating cartridge in the handle and the tips themselves. The Kerr Ultra Waxer 2 elegantly solves this issue by having a large heating cartridge in every tip, not in the handle. 



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