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Sculpting Tutorial Series: Number 1

This first video will introduce you to everything Cx5 can do, and show you how to work with it using Adam's specific techniques.

  • Run time - approximately 1hr
  • Digital download now available
  • DVDs are Region Free - no regional playback restrictions
  • NTSC DVD (PAL DVDs are not available at this time)

Product Type: Tutorial Videos



An introduction to materials, tools & techniques

Learn everything about using Cx5 at different temperatures, how to begin a figure sculpture or create a model from machined Cx5 parts, and many ways to achieve different textures and finishes. Perfect for beginning or experienced sculptors new to Cx5, and those sculpting for the first time. Lessons focus on techniques specific to Cx5 and also explain the fundamentals of professional sculpting. Although this video is specific to Cx5, the techniques are all applicable to Cx5s with the following caveats; the modeling techniques are actually easier in Cx5s because of its longer working time, while the machining techniques are easier in Cx5 because it is harder at room temperature.

Modeling Techniques

  • Roughing out a figure with no need for an armature. Building up a sculpture. Repositioning a piece late into the sculpting process. Adding material to a cooled piece. Hot sanding. Sculpting with traditional tools. Evaluating your sculpture.

Hot Sculpting & Hand Building

  • Adam Beane's unique waxer techniques. Using traditional tools with heat. Brushing material on. Pouring, joining, and air cooling. Cutting and reassembling a piece. Paper & cloth building. Extruding. Casting into shapes. Modifying existing objects.

Machining & Finishing

  • Drilling, sawing, filing, milling & turning. Using household tools to lathe. Texturizing. Priming. Cleaning a sculpture. Cold polishing with various materials. Fire polishing. Solvent sanding and wet sanding to create shine.

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